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A good bedside manner is an invaluable tool

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As we all know, having a good bedside manner helps build a trusting relationship with patients. In class, our professors explain how we should behave at a patient’s bedside. They tell us to be kind, caring and respectful. Hearing this instruction at school is helpful, but being able to practice it face-to-face with patients is

5 ways nurses can improve cultural competency

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(Content courtesy of Chamberlain College of Nursing) As the U.S. grows more diverse, cultural knowledge and strengthened communication skills can aid healthcare providers in improving patient comfort and satisfaction with care. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that more than half of all Americans are expected to belong to a minority group by 2044. According to

Jonas Center celebrates 10 years and 1,000 nurse scholars

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Joining 300 supporters at the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare 10th Anniversary Gala, Barbara and Donald Jonas celebrated all that has been accomplished since they founded the center 10 years ago.  They also reaffirmed their commitment to continue their philanthropic work supporting nursing education through 2028. Academic nursing leaders and researchers, scholars, alumni,

Top 5 reasons to become a nurse educator

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Ask nearly any nurse educator about teaching, and they will tell you about the joy that an “a-ha moment” can bring. “My favorite part of teaching is seeing connections made,” said Donna Castellani, MSN, RN, an adjunct professor at New Jersey City University.

Is an online nursing degree right for you?

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By Joanne Lavin, EdD (Content courtesy of CUNY School of Professional Studies) Online nursing degree programs, such as the RN to BS in Nursing degree offered by the CUNY School of Professional Studies, are as rigorous, informative and rewarding as those available on a traditional campus setting. Even though many new students need time to

Alumni scholars express appreciation as Jonas Center celebrates 10-year anniversary

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Talk to Jonas Nurse Leader Scholars and you’ll be amazed at what they have accomplished and how they have advanced themselves and the nursing profession. The scholars tell inspiring stories about how they pursued their dreams and enriched their lives because of the generosity of Barbara and Donald Jonas, who co-founded the New York City-based

Six essential traits of a nurse educator

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Excellent nurse educators are described as those who possess strong leadership and communication skills and have outstanding theoretical and clinical knowledge. They are creative, intelligent, competent, resilient and fair. Consummate lifelong learners, they have an unquenchable spirit of inquiry, value scholarship and mentorship and use current evidence and a variety of learning styles to meet